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Our employees are qualified IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). It is an internationally recognized training the best possible qualifications for work at height and rescue.

We provide services since 1997. We are an active member of the Czech Mountaineering Association. Throughout we specialize in the execution of contracts located in harsh environments - especially at heights over open depth and extreme conditions. Work performed depending on the complexity of the contract using climbing techniques and Speleological, suspended platforms, scaffolding, ladders and mobile assembly platform. All work carried out by a team of experienced employees both professionally and movement at heights.
Technický servis

    • Provided services
  • • Inspection and repair of roofing
  • • Production and installation of atypical chimney trays according to CSN 72 4201
  • • Reconstruction and repair facade cladding, pressure cleaning incl. paint
  • • Maintenance of wind turbines
  • • Mounting and dismounting: air conditioning, gutters and downspouts, carriers, antennas, masts, transmitters, lightning conductors
  • • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • • Washing windows of residential and commercial buildings
  • • Plumbing and roofing work
  • • Seal the joints of prefabricated buildings and removal of waterproofing failures
  • • Painting structures and repairs
  • • Emergency services - fixing, sealing and repair damaged parts of buildings and structures
  • • Strengthening billboards, commercials and billboards incl. producing supporting structures
  • • Electrical work including cable routes
  • • Removal of dangerous ice and snow (installation for heating gutters)
  • • Pruning and felling of trees
  • • Cleaning wells
  • • Documentation of damage and insurance claims
  • • Working for film and TV